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Marketing Consultancy to Dr. Essa Laboratory

Revitalizing Marketing Strategies for Dr. Essa Laborratory & Diagnostic Centre

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Marketing Consultant to Dr. Essa Laboratory.


Dec, 2020


Brand Identity | Marketing Strategy | Customer Experience

Project Goal

Project Description: Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre, a leading healthcare provider in Pakistan, approached us for their marketing needs. They wanted to improve their marketing strategies, digital marketing efforts and customer experience. Project Challenge: The client was facing a stagnant growth rate and wanted to improve their customer outreach through effective marketing strategies. They also wanted to increase their digital presence and engagement with their audience to build a loyal customer base.

Project Solution

Our consultant M Tayyab Amin analyzed the client’s requirements and provided them with tailored solutions. He devised a comprehensive marketing strategy that involved enhancing their digital marketing efforts and improving customer experience. He with Essa Lab team implemented effective social media campaigns to boost customer engagement. I also conducted market research to identify target audiences and provide valuable insights to improve their overall customer experience.

Strategies devised led to a 30% increase in the client’s ROI and an overall improvement in their customer experience. It also helped to increase their social media engagement and online presence, which resulted in improved brand awareness and a loyal customer base. Now, Dr. Essa Laboratory & Diagnostic Centre stands out as one of the leading healthcare brand in Pakistan.


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