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Advanced Google Search Tips 2023

Advanced Google Search Tips 2023

Google search operators enable the researcher to narrow down your search for relevant information. It not only provides you the relevant information but also saves time. For your understanding operators can be classified into two groups.

Basic search operators

essential Google search operators everyone should know to do a quick research and to get the relevant information from the millions of data sources.

site: Show only the results from a certain website; e.g. site:tayyabamindigital.com
* Donot add any space after site:
” “ Limit the results to the ones containing the exact phrase in the quotation marks; e.g. “SEO for Health care”
OR This will show results for keyword1 or keyword2 or both. Can be substituted with the vertical pipe (|); e.g. Wireless Charger OR Bluetooth ChargerWireless Charger I Bluetooth Charger
( ) Group multiple operators and control the order in which they are executed; e.g. (mango | banana) smoothie
Exclude the term (or a whole operator) by putting the minus symbol in front of it; e.g. WAR Movie director -Shan
* Acts as a wild-card character that will match any word or phrase; e.g. most popular * in the world

Advanced search operators

Advanced Google Search Operators is useful for search engine optimization that are widely used, reliable and useful for everyday SEO tasks.

Operator Usage
related: Look for websites that are similar to the domain in the search query; e.g. related:tayyabamindigital.com
intitle: Only shows results that include (all) the searched words in the title; e.g. allintitle:best dress for 2 year olds
inurl: Only shows results that include (all) the searched words in the URL; e.g. inurl:seo
intext: Only shows results that include (all) the searched words in the text on the page; e.g. allintext:apple iphone 11 pro
filetype: Look only for a specific filetype (PDF, DOCX, TXT, PPT, etc.); e.g. filetype:PDF
cache: Pull the last cached copy of the website; e.g. cached:tayyabamindigital.com
AROUND(x) Find pages where two words or phrases are within x words of each other; e.g. mangools AROUND(3) kwfinder

How Google Search tips can help in SEO

Google advanced search operators can be very beneficial to get your intended results quickly. They not only serve your exact purpose by filtering out irrelevant searches but also specify results only that are needed.

Some specific operators like “”, site:, intitle:, intext:, are very easy to use and practical on a daily basis. Try them out to find interesting ways you can use them for your searches!

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