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Digital Marketing; An Opportunity for Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan

The digital market and growing technology adoption trend is empowering women to do business from their homes. In today’s digital world where access to education is just a click away by searching over google. It’s a great opportunity for women to learn skills by using their smartphone or personal computer. The Asian market has great potential in an e-commerce market due to its high population, where there is a huge potential to sell products online ranging from traditional Khussa, cultural garments, jewelry, beauty products, customized gifts basket, baby product, and grocery items.

If we talk about Pakistan’s population in 2019, 64% of the population is under the age of 29, and considering this fact it can be assumed that they are more adaptive to technology.

Today’s Asian women are capable to come up with their very own thoughts. Supportive infrastructure like payment integration, logistics, and easy to managed e-commerce store is helping them in bringing their dreams into reality. Digital Marketing has turned out to be the right platform for ambitious women who’re compelled to become just a homemaker.

Being a woman, you can also take the advantage to start your own business online as Huda Kattan has launched Huda Beauty products, who started her career as a blogger. In today’s digital world nothing can stop you to start your own business because of so much supportive infrastructure and buyer acceptability to buy online. One thing that you have to focus on is the operations, product quality, and customer service. As the online market place has no physical interaction, so the perceived risks are higher in the mind of the customer.

If you want to learn digital marketing, you should step your shoes to learn design software basics, social media marketing, search engine optimization, Instagram & Facebook paid marketing, Google AdWords, and most important the online customer/user behavior. Keep one thing in mind that Digital marketing is a wide field that has always the opportunity to learn because of changing trends and algorithms. The thing you need initially is to have basic knowledge of all these and start your business in consultancy with a Digital Marketing Expert. As time goes on, it’s getting easier for women to make a mark in every industry by taking advantage of digital marketing.

What are you waiting for, start learning digital marketing skills to launch your brand or help any brand.

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